Boris Pavlikovsky requests enjoy suggestions about r/relationships

Boris Pavlikovsky requests enjoy suggestions about r/relationships

Closest friend (26M) is angry at me (26M) because we take their photo and also make him to commit murder. How can I fix? (X-posted to r/legaladvice)

Hello reddit. We compose this on throw away account so police cannot trace back again to me personally. Whenever I was hardly any, like fifteen, We have companion, we call him Leo, whom we see on a regular basis. We view films and smoke weed, we fall acid on play ground, we take things at mall, all that. My father is bastard thus I stick to Leo along with his dad’s and dad girlfriend the majority of time. Just like cousin, however for me personally and Leo very frequently have intercourse. (failed to suggest any such thing needless to say, simply I had girlfriend in the past and I also have actually spouse now. that people had been bored,) extremely close friends whom often give handjob which is all.

Anyhow Leo’s mother die before he is met by me. I really do n’t need to hand out a lot of detail in instance authorities are here and so I will state exactly that she have actually accident in museum where Leo has also been, and Leo took painting from museum during accident. Once more we will maybe not state which museum or which painting in the event police are online. But he simply take this artwork when he come to live together with his dad and dad’s gf plus one evening as soon as we are drunk watching James Bond he brings me as much as their space, to finally decide to try anal I am hoping, but no, really to demonstrate me personally photo. Is extremely small photo but nevertheless he explains is really worth extremely much cash. So now you should be aware additionally that Leo’s dad is confusing in crimes. Guy with baseball bat started to door and ask for the money 2 times. Baseball bat is merely for show needless to say it is still maybe not place that is best for picture well worth a great deal we don’t think. Therefore makes sense that picture just isn’t safe at Leo’s home. I exchange photo with civics workbook we never read anyhow and I also simply take image to my very own household, where is safe.

SUBSEQUENTLY Leo’s dad die in car wreck, we think because he could be attempting to getting away from baseball bat guy. He was consuming through the night and big truck make him flat like pancake. Very unfortunate. If I am on bus or plane with stolen picture together2night and cocane, they send me back to Ukraine where I am eating garbage off streets so we steal all of drugs (pills mostly but cocane also) and money from Leo’s dad’s girlfriend and Leo is saying we should run away but here is thing, I do not want to get deported, and am worried that. Therefore I ask Leo whenever we cannot wait on a daily basis or two to plan and then he says no, is making tonight. Exactly what can I Actually Do? He calls cab, we kiss him on lips (simply no tongue therefore is certainly not homosexual), in which he renders on coach. I really do not need phone so cannot for long time text him or anything, do not hear from him.

We offer coke at twelfth grade until all jocks come in rehab. Keep school and begin to travel around, numerous places. Head to Europe for a time and marry child of Nazi. Ask her getting abortion but she shall maybe not listen so have two kids. Nevertheless doing some selling drugs and I also use artwork as collateral, like in loan, then again feds figure it away and I also need certainly to keep nation. Haters state is impractical, but we state can be like Oliver Twist, no?

Finally come across Leo on road one and is so good to see him day. We return to their household, we state hello to his dog that is little we do cocane through the night. We simply tell him he could be just child i’ve been during sex with ever and then he has appearance of fright on face so I make sure he understands quickly it will not suggest almost anything to me personally and probably means more to him actually, so he can never be upset. I tell him I have his picture while we are very high. He could be freaking away and I also have always been just starting to feel accountable therefore I make-up with intend to get image straight back. But since i personally use it in several discounts plus it maneuver around a whole lot, don’t have precise host to image.

One shoots me personally and Leo shoots one.

Finally figure it away, is within Amsterdam. I head to Leo at their engagement celebration and I also simply tell him we log on to airplane now to back get picture. We head to Amsterdam on airplane same evening. Leo is perhaps all child about me personally having weapon but we simply tell him relax, our company is not likely to utilize weapon, just talk. However for whenever we meet dudes with image, just two of them and four of us (me personally and Leo and two extremely big men that are strong and so I make buddy pistol whip one man as well as other buddy place other man in chokehold. We steal run and picture. Really convenient, we conserve a complete lot of cash.

Nevertheless when we make contact with parking storage we come across frightening goons . We escape in vehicle nonetheless they are able to simply take picture. Extremely irritating of program but bullet just graze me with no method authorities can back trace murder to us. Therefore I tell Leo return to college accommodation while i do believe of want to get photo straight back.

Couple of days went right now in which he doesn’t respond to my text. Is angry at me personally i believe. Or possibly phone is down? In either case have always been experiencing like Petrushka the trick. Have to get image straight back needless to say but might perish. Additionally don’t want to head to prison or make Leo head to prison. What exactly is way that is best to repair this? Additionally if I kiss him once again would he be angry do you consider? He’s got fiancee but i actually do maybe not think they like each other quite definitely. Additionally he has got crush on small hair that is red from the time we had been tiny but i actually do perhaps not think she like him right back. Pls react.

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